Sheryl Lee was born in Boulder, Colorado on April 22, 1967.
Her father is an architect and her mother is an artist. She has a younger sister who is a piano teacher and a younger brother who used to be in college pursing a career in the film business. She is also the mother of a little boy named Elijah and is now married to the father of the baby, the musician Jesse Diamond, son of the famous Neil Diamond.
When she was young she wanted to become a dancer but many knee injuries forced her to quit the danceShe first acted at Fairview High School in a school play entitled The Bad Seed and knew . from that moment that she wanted to become an actress.
At the end of her studies, Sheryl attended many dramatic arts schools such as the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California, summer programs at the North Carolina School of the Arts and the National Conservatory Theater in Denver.
Then she moved to Seattle where she was able to find some roles in theater plays.
This is also where she met director David Lynch who asked her to audition for Twin Peaks and chose her for the role of Laura Palmer, and for the role of Madeleine Ferguson, later on, after the pilot episode was shot.
After the success of Twin Peaks, which made her famous throughout the world, she got the leading role in Love, lies and murder, an NBC mini-series and the small part of The Good Witch in Lynch's (again) Wild at Heart.
In 1992, she had the chance to work with Al Pacino in Salome, the Oscar Wilde theater play.
Sheryl Lee played in movies such as the Twin Peaks prequel Fire Walk With Me which remains her biggest performance to this day, Backbeat, Bliss, This world Then the Fireworks (with Billy Zane and Gina Gershon) and John Carpenter's Vampires as Katrina, a beautiful prostitute who becomes a vampire.
She also briefly appeared in some TV shows (Red Shoe Diaries, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman) and played the part of Dr Sarah Church in L.A. Doctors.
Sheryl Lee loves animals very much and has been a PETA* member for a long time. She took part in campaigns against fur and bad treatments of animals and posed for those campaign pictures.


* People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals